County Road 440

Originating in Enterprise, Al, County Road 440 is a perfect example of youthful talent and a passion for all music with a southern vibe. Founded by Lance Grantham in the Spring of 2013 to play three local Relay for Life events, the group blossomed overnight into a local favorite. Mixing traditional and contemporary country music with Southern rock and a little Blues, County Road 440 appeals to fans of all ages.

     Their first EP was recorded while still in High School, with the final mastering complete in June 2014. With graduation behind them, efforts now turn toward improving all aspects of the show. New opportunities seem to arise daily. Lance says " We are amazed people from other areas have already heard of us". Whether from Social Media or word of mouth, the buzz is getting around.

     Social Media is one of the most important tools in todays indie market, and County Road 440 is ahead of the curve in that respect. With over 1500 Facebook likes and 40k + twitter followers. just two months out of high school, an explosion of fans could be just around the corner.

Blake Jenkins


Lance Grantham

Lead Vocals  Lead Guitar  Founder



 Bass , Harmony

Cole Dunlap

Rhythm Guitar